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Juan Manuel Otero Barrigón

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  • in reply to: How Many Steps in the Hero’s Journey? #74063

    An illuminating writing.

    Thanks David, I think it is extremely valuable not only for the conciseness and depth of the approach, but because it helps to return the look on the hero’s journey to its essence.

    For some time now I have been particularly interested in the first stage (Separation) and its respective difficulties. In thinking about the obstacles, both internal and external, to answering the call. Specially those family, socially, or culturally imposed. It is something that has continually come up in my classes on myth.

    I really enjoyed this reading.

    Best regards

    in reply to: Campbell Centered Reading List for Community College #72785

    Excellent exchange!

    Stephen, exciting reading list.

    Thank you 🙏

    in reply to: Myths Everyone Should Know? #73504

    Interesting references, Stephen. Thanks for sharing. I am going to review Bringhurst’s “opus” to delve into that mythology.

    in reply to: Myths Everyone Should Know? #73506

    I add some properly Latin American myths and mythological characters, whose importance commonly extends beyond the borders of a single country. Unpretentious to be exhaustive, only as a first approach.

    ✔️ Pachamama (myth of the indigenous peoples of the Andes mountains)
    ✔️ The myth of the original Selk’nam matriarchy (Tierra del Fuego)
    ✔️  The civilizing hero Bochica (Muisca Civilization)
    ✔️  The myth of Viracocha (Inca Empire)
    ✔️  The Popol Vuh (as Stephen said)
    ✔️  The solar God Huitzilopochtli (Mexica Culture)
    ✔️  The Tupi Guarani myth of the “Land without Evil”

    Its importance is capital, since each of them expresses a particular worldview, ranging from the relationship with the earth to human relationships and the link with transcendence.

    We will follow soon  👍

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)