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Who is the next Joseph Campbell?

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      Thanks Stephen, both colours woven back in the tapistry! And eloquent writing (#3432)  in doing so, for a non-english tongue to taste!

      “Fill in the gap”, spoke this teacher to his class of castouts, in a mid- or south american based movie about fulfillment (mid 90’s?) trying to get them prepared for life and acceptable grades. And they invented or framed the conception of ‘zero’ first, centuries before the devastating western culture pressed them down, that ultimate indignity and shame. “What is minus ten    plus ten? It is your heratige!” Gears turned and eyes were opened. That was another JC proper. Coincidence of initials? Curious…

      So, well observed, the need for another guru, saviour, king, emporer, tiran or whatever the definition, emerges in troubled times again and again. In the study of comparitive mythology this has been come forward all the time and brought us this abundance of tales and stories. After our recent deluge, the destruction of a previous world, the deck was reshuffled and from ’45 onwards the world was recreated without the flaws and errors from the past. Given the projected lifespan of mankind, after some 40 years the fatigue came around and new horizons, unbound, no governmental escort was needed anymore, exorbitantism would take care in the same sense but way more efficient. So, now 40 years later the yield from this infinity is harvested. Like 80 years ago, the most prosperous society is facing another famine, dragging down with its debts and treason all to nill, inevitable and unavoidable. Hail to the guru, saviour, king, emporer, tiran or whatever. Either way, submitting or revolting to this flow sheds fish dead downstream or living up to a unknown momentary coinciding pivot. That story of bliss.


        Echoes of motifs themes tropes …

        “Who is the next Joseph Campbell ?”

        What is the Chalice Joe? What elixir does it contain?

        What is the Lapis lazuli that is was/was Joseph Campbell? Follow Your Bliss , upon this Rock shall he/we build…

        And so the arduous Journey begins. The quest for the Second Coming of Joseph Campbell.
        Where is Campelot? Who shall be the once and future Joe ? Who shall ring the Camp bell? These are questions for anthropologist historians psychologists philologists etymologist linguists social engineers propagandists critics apologists mythologists poets artists Writers common and uncommon humans alike.

        It is always nice to be awoke by a little Joe !!!

        Happy trails to one and all !!

        Let the Journey begin … let the Journey be unending …


          I for One can’t wait for the unveiling of JC2.0


          Thank you Stephen for inviting me.  I am enjoying exploring the various threads, and the relaxed atmosphere of this forum.  Also, thank you for recommending “Ray Grasse’s The Waking Dream: Unlocking the Symbolic Language of Our Lives “.


          Welcome Aboard! Wonderful to hear your voice in these forums, Shaheda!

          Conversations do unfold at a more leisurely pace than on Facebook, or even our old Joseph Campbell Mythology Group (JCMG) on Yahoo (two decades later and I’m still moderating discussion boards devoted to Joe’s mythic perspective!), while allowing for greater depth. Discussions might sprawl over days or weeks or months, maybe appear to fade off, and then be revived when someone with a fresh perspective stumbles across those threads.

          Feel free to jump into any discussion that captures your fancy, start a thread on a topic that interests you, or just kick back and enjoy reading what’s posted.

          What we don’t seem to have so far is a  decent dream thread. Eventually I’ll get around to raising the subject in The Conversation With a Thousand Faces forum (our catch-all category for whatever doesn’t comfortably fit into any of our other forums), but haven’t been in any rush – figure one or two other folks might get there first, which is fine with me.

          Bliss On!

          Stephen (aka bodhibliss)



            This is like asking “When will the second coming of the Christ occur?”


            IMO, the answer is “The second coming will occur when I awaken and allow the Christ I really am to shine forth and I put into action and live what I’ve been taught.”


            Me?  I’m still working on it.  Even though I know better, I’m still holding onto scars and hurts that I allow to keep me from living in the present moment.


            When I finally get my act together, that will be the Second Coming.  I think that’s at the heart of Joseph Campbell’s teaching.


            What’s the “next” Joseph Campbell or the next Buddha or the next Jesus going to say that hasn’t already been said?



          Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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