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What’s in a Name?

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      Cloudgrin jumps over the edge over the world just when we are about to take a right turn towards the most western edge of the world where the tragedies are swallowed by the ever hungry emerging sanddragon fed by it’s mothercontinent close to the frozen fingers of the sinners on the northern sand dunes, dancing in the flashing moonlight, dead for the living, living for the dead.

      Photographic reality snapped above Wedge Island WA March 2011, 13.5 years due that excruciating tragedy, untouchable. What you see is the opposite of it. Another western edge, a raising sintering pink sun skycuttingglassknifebeams in my back. Gearth projects a nonexistant airport near there for misterious reasons, as if an angelic landingspot awaits realisation. Though, no arrivals or departures there yet, Robert. ( Yes, Close to the Edge. So did I arrive, the rest is crap.


        Australia 1996-1997 ?
        The big bight ?
        Please reenter GPS coordinates , I cannot locate on google earth .
        Thank you

        You did arrive
        Arise from the crap
        Only Love is the answer

        Please elaborate on your narrative. It is intriguing.


          RR, we’re going astray, better pm for details; the cruel child 110797


            Did not mean to go astray.
            I was just trying to understand The references in your comment?
            They are unfamiliar to me.
            ❄️ Ul Ur u
            You can send me a message if you like .

          Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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