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THERE IS AN ORDER – Julius Fann, Jr

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      Aug 16, 2015

      What is happening in our lives in this moment that has not happened yesterday, and will not continue to occur in the continuation of anticipated future moments? In asking, should it be required to also ask ourselves if we have stepped away from the padded path or not God has ordained and ordered our journey?

      All outside the fenced hedge God has placed around us, where we are protected from interfering conditions of dualism, becomes a stigma to our souls. When we knowingly stepped away from the directed path God has ordered us to walk for His guidance, protection, love, principles, and patterns governed by His law of the Spirit we see the simplicity of the importance of life’s balance and equality.

      There is an order governing God’s creation. And it is our responsibility to live by every word of that order which has proceeded out of the mouth of God even if we are “are influenced by our carnal imaginations.  When we awaken to know the word God means our individual Consciousness, we will know we are God’s Consciousness of Spirit, yet, it is God’s Spirit which is the only source of our conscious awareness and functioning ability.

      But we, in our arrogance, underrate the simplicity of the importance of life’s balance and equality. And the justice life gives to all men equally as a gift and potential for expansion, has become caught up in personal attitudes, lust, greed and arrogance which crossed purposed individuality of truth, and are shadows opposite to righteous law of Spiritus Mundi.

      Whatever it is man has done in former days, and whatever spirits man has projected in youth, and his middle years, he will come to note his spinning in a vortex of what I think, believe, and principles of his living are the diseases of his burdens of today.

      There is an order in the universe called world spirit – Spiritus Mundi. W.B. Yeats speaks on it in his poem W.B. Yeats – The Second Coming. Scripture state: Ye reap what ye sow, which is called the law of inevitability-or attraction..

      Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength – jufa

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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