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The Tricksters Today

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      My anima constantly repeats the saying, “These tricksters, in your society, they are everywhere!”

      This is usually followed by a communication between me and my anima about the trickster. We both like them and dislike them. Oh, I started this because you recently published a post about the trickster on Facebook. So let’s talk about the trickster today. The shapeshifter, the guy or the cheeky girl who causes trouble. I don’t know anything about Loki, I know Reineke Fox (Goethe, et al.). My absolute favorite trickster is Q from Star Tek. I posted some thoughts on this Q in my Animas Name. You really have to watch the first episode of Star Trek Next Generation. Again, this is a bit of a myth, like Star Wars or LOTR. So if the Trickster archetype shows up in this episode – maybe this Trickster carries a message. My anima says that this Trickster can’t explain that message. He just carries it. My anima can. She has explained to me the true meaning of this pilot episode, “Encounter at Farpoint,” in which the Trickster behaves brilliantly. When my anima says the trickster is everywhere, she means that our western civilization is based on the rules of the trickster, and so many are the trickster, in an harmless way they are entertainers, I have already described it on Facebook- so Will Smith, also a trickster(as a comedian) and the other guy even in this situation closer to the trickster by insulting Will’s wife. Ok, now I’ve introduced myself a bit with some thoughts on the Trickster, is here, in this forum, a better way to communicate with myth thinkers- or is Facebook the better place? Your thoughts on the general overpopulation with the Trickster. Well, you can disagree with my anima by saying the Trickster is a rare species type and has nothing to do with all the fancy comedians and people on TV, she/it will also contradict, just like that.

      It is also my intention, according to the behavior of the trickster, to provoke a little. By bringing this slippery slope: Trickster – they are everywhere, he is celebrated on stage as a harmless comedian, we let ourselves be entertained by him, furthermore he can deliver a message, which he or she itself does not understand in the end.



      Sorry for the delayed response to your post. Conversations unfold somewhat more leisurely here than on social media, where conversations tend to be lost in the ether once they scroll offscreen; what we lose in immediacy is, I hope, more than made up by the ability to explore a subject in depth.

      I too love Q, the seemingly omnipotent trouble-maker from “the Continuum” who poses unsolvable riddles and plays sometimes deadly tricks on humans in episodes of Star Trek franchises – a character both fun and frustrating (at least for the humans who encounter him). This Q is wonderful representation of the Trickster in modern fiction. I also appreciate the role your anima plays in the understanding of the Trickster. I would agree the Trickster may carry a message, but rarely understands it, at least, as expressed through mythic figures like Coyote (Hermes, on the other hand, would seem to understand the messages he carries – but then, though Hermes exhibits several traits of the Trickster, that seems but one aspect of his role).

      Astute observation as well about trickster energies seeming the default setting of western civilization (kudos to your anima for that as well!). If we see with a mythic eye, Trickster is everywhere we look: in the entertainment media, from the aforementioned Bugs Bunny, to the Daily Show and other irreverent comedy news programs, to Star Trek:TNG‘s “Q”; in science, in the central role random, spontaneous chance plays in everything from evolution to chaos theory to quantum physics; in politics (especially politics); in paranormal phenomena, from UFO sightings to poltergeists; in art (“The telling of untrue things is the proper aim of art” — Oscar Wilde); in our dreams, in our psyches, and, always, in the Unexpected.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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