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The resurrection point – Julius Fann, Jr

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    Every instant is of yesterday, yet it is the resurrection point of today.

    The reality of man’s universe is the invisible structured beams of diversity he named thought, and hold up to the world as his pillars repetitive directions and support. Everyone lives their lives walking in, through, and out of these pillars. Each step one takes is the step further upon the path of their inner conscience, or deeper into the desert of death. Either step brings one closer to the River of Jordan – The Resurrection Point.
    The succeeding generation seems to be able to move closer and closer to the water’s of Jordan. But not those who forsake being keepers of the Holy Grail who abandoned their glory within which is the essence of their Source of their pure Spirit which A. Schopenhauer said is a “thing which is unaltered and always remains absolutely the same, which does not grow old with us, is just the kernel of our inner nature, and that does not lie in time.”
    It is only those who cut off the foreskin covering their hearts who cross the Jordan and become aware of the Captain of the Host of Lord, and hear him say: “Loose thy shoe from off thy foot, for the place whereon thou” standest is holy,” Only those circumcised are given water by the fool when in thirst can see The Holy Grail in their hands as the drink from the cup which quenched their thirst.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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