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The Mythic Image

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    I will endeavor to create a dream topic at some point today or early tomorrow – likely in the Conversation with a Thousand Faces forum.

    The darker hypnagogic imagery intrigues me . . .


    Mission Accomplished!

    Lots of prep work last week for those of us active in the Foundation in advance of Sunday, when we delivered reports to JCF’s Board of Directors regarding our various areas of responsibility. With that behind me, I turned my attention back to these discussion boards, composing responses to several existing posts, as well as creating a few new topics – including a dream post in the Conversations with a Thousand Faces forum, titled Dream a Little Dream . . .

    See you there!


    Thank you Steve. I’ll be visiting  Dream a Little Dream . . .A dream come true.


    I know I am not dreaming. I saw Mary Ann’s post where she mentioned, among other things, on starting  a dream circle and I can’t seem to locate it. I will sooner or later, but this is just to let you know Mary Ann, that I read it and will respond when I find it, if not, we’ll meet in this new forum ” Dream a Little Dream”.


    I experienced the same sensation earlier when I visited your Meet & Greet post, typed my paragraph about a new dream topic, clicked submit, then noticed all the other posts in this thread had disappeared (I figured it was something I did).

    Turned out the conversation in your Meet & Greet thread is so long that it merited a second page! (The initial post is pinned to the top of each new page in the thread, I assume so folks can refer back and stay more or less on topic).

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a tiny 1 and 2. Click back a page, and you’ll be able to find Mary Ann’s post.


    Thank you Steve. Got it.



    Thank you!


    It made me smile, Shaheda, when you wrote, “I know I am not dreaming,” wondering where I wrote about posting something to help start a dream circle–I can chuckle again because I must be running in circles as I do not recall saying “dream circle” but did say if I knew where to put it I would do a post on dreams! I love dreams and dream work, like you and like Stephen!


    Mary Ann,

    I have read with joy, all your past posts. Now I am busy searching where did you mention the desire of a dream circle or maybe a dream forum, and for Steve to lead one. Instead of saying, I know I am not dreaming, I should just ask myself, ‘was that a dream?” Now, I need to find Steve’s post where he responded to you and that he was in the midst of starting one. I am certain I did not dream that one either, or did I?

    Or as a great legend once wrote, “Which Was the Dream?” and “Which Was It?” He posed a similar question in 1893: “I dreamed I was born, and grew up, and was a pilot on the Mississippi, and a miner and journalist…and had a wife and children…and this dream goes on and on and on, and sometimes seems so real that I almost believe it is real. I wonder if it is?” This was Mark Twain in 1893, who had just become deeply interested in exploring the conscious and the unconscious levels of mental experiences. Of course those explorations have been thoroughly explored now, and are still in the realm of the unknown…Curious, what my tomorrow’s dream would be?


Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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