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The music page of our new version of CoaHo

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      Do you have a favorite piece of music? We had a lot of fun and interesting conversations on our music page which was actually one of the most popular on the forums. So to start our beginning of a new chapter of these conversations here is a place to share a favorite piece you’ve always liked with everyone. Many fun and enlightening dialogues came from swapping stories and background on their selections; so I will start off with one which to me always makes me think of the Hero’s Journey. John Barry’s composition of the theme from the movie: “Dances With Wolves” never fails to move me from inside with it’s sweeping panoramic orchestration of strings that conjures up the transformation of Lieutenant John Dunbar into the Lakota Sioux warrior: “Dances With Wolves”. Who’s next?


      Bob Dylan – I Contain Multitudes

      Did Bob Dylan encapsulate “Thou Art That” ?? I think so…


      Not only did Dylan successfully capture the sense of “Thou Art That,” but so did Walt Whitman in “Song of Myself,” from which the title of Dylan’s song is taken.


      Hi James and Everyone!

      James, thank you for initiating this place for music!–where we hear the muses sing and can see the muses dance!

      Here is one of my fave songs that takes me back to my 70s Peace and Flower Power days! 🙂

      Get Together by the Youngbloods

      Peace Out, 🙂

      Mary Ann


      Love “Come Together,” Mary.

      Here is one of my favorites – the “Playing for Change” version of the Grateful Dead’s Ripple, performed by musicians from around the world (including Jimmy Buffet and David Crosby, as well as Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann and Jerry Garcia’s daughter Keelin, and a host of stellar musicians I did not previously know):


        Thanks Mary and Stephen; what great wonderfully relative pieces to today’s need for uplifting everyone’s spirits! “Get Together” was definitely the: “Clarion Call” of the (Peace and Love Movement; remember: “Woodstock?”) of the 1960’s. And this stirring collaboration of: “Playing for Change” is an inspiring example for the Boomers “passing of the torch” to the next generation to pick it up and carry it on.

        In times like this when the Pandemic speaks of darkness, hurt, doubt, and sorrow we need these songs of hope and transcendence to help inspire us to keep our spirits up and help one another so we can move forward! Well done indeed!

        (Al; sorry I missed you before. I’ll look forward to hearing more of your insights like what we shared back on the old forums.)


        That is so cool, Stephen! I love the song and love it that I can hear and see people performing this version from all over the world! It sure does sing for change, for peace and love everywhere, and for people everywhere to come together! It made me smile the whole way through! And it was also so heartwarming at the end when I saw the dedication to Jerry Garcia!  Thanks so much for sharing this!


        I wish I could remember Woodstock but I was a bit too young to go and my parents didn’t go (they were older than the Woodstock crowd) so I missed out. I have watched a lot of filmed performances of it though and a lot of scenes in the audience and of all the cars lined up to get in to Woodstock. Oh the ol’ Joni Mitchell song Woodstock, that is a good one too! And I loved the Dances with Wolves music! “Sweeping panoramic orchestration of strings” is a great way that you have described it. Thank you for sharing it!


        Hi aloberhoulser!

        Dylan sure was a great storyteller and poet. I love the line, “Drink to the truth.” I finally got to see him in concert in the 1990s.


        Mary Ann


        P.S. Adding to my Get Together song post: I figured to go ahead and use the smiley face emoticon here since Smiley Face stickers went along with the Peace signs and Flower Power signs of the 60’s and 70’s 🙂


          Thank you Mary and Stephen for reawakening this thread. I want to add a clip that for me in many ways represents so many of the issues of uncertainty we are facing now. This is the first performance of this group that has since grown and thrived and to me symbolizes humanity and hope. There are plenty more YouTube performances including an “unbelievable” documentary that was done; but because of the virus pandemic like everyone else they have been forced to suspend activity. They are the best part of all of us; and never fail to inspire me!


            I switched this out from my earlier entry because this is not a documentary page; (sorry about that). Mary; I love Joni Mitchell; especially her album called: “Mingus”; which I thought was a true breakthrough collaboration for the time. The musicians were some of the top jazz players of the day; and Charles Mingus was one of the great jazz composers of his time. It should be noted she contributed some of the lyrics to the below: “Pork Pie Hat”; as he personally chose her to work on what was to be his last project and died shortly after it was released in 1979. Initially; Joni’s regular fans were not entirely pleased with this work since this was not the folk style artist they were use to; but she was absolutely fearless in whatever she did; and this work was proof. This was not one of her more well known popular marketed projects; and the material was technically extremely challenging; but she was definitely up to the task. (This particular live version of one of the songs was about the great jazz sax player Lester Young.)


              Although I’m certainly no authority on classical music I’ve always enjoyed many of the “Impressionist” pieces. This is one of my favorites by Claude Debussy called “Beau Soir” – beautiful evening. Joshua Bell brings a passion and sensuality to this piece that takes me to place that heals my soul when I feel world weary and need to be reminded of the beauty in life when I am tired and feeling low.


                Hello ,

                Wanted to start in Ur songs of Gilgamesh move on to Om language Birdsong Hindu chants touch on the Pythagorean’s Music of the spheres Psalms of David move on to Gregorian chants Mozart’s Flute (Pan) Miles Davis Kinda Blue Coltrane Giant Steps Zeppelin’s Immigration Song the sound tracks of Sid Meier …

                found this







                  Can’t go wrong with Dali Disney Floyd conflation !!!

                  An homage to the Anima of the Camp-bell Foundation …





                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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