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The Harvest Spirits Celebration – An Alternative Halloween Event

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    Prelude –

    ‘The Maitreya EcoVillage meditation sanctuary will be a very beautiful, octagon-shaped natural-built structure dedicated strictly to yoga, meditation and other such practices. Having started meditating when I was 17, I’m convinced that it has been very beneficial and that more people COULD benefit from meditation than ARE benefiting from it. I expect that within a three block radius of here, there are dozens of people who would love to have access to a beautiful and quiet place to get away to. As the coming weird times get weirder, I expect that people will feel a greater yearning for such a place and practice.’ – Robert Bolman

    * * * * * * *

    The Harvest Spirits Celebration – Key Themes

    Nature-based family fun
    Building a web of relationships
    Getting together, face-to-face, heart-to-heart
    Feeding our Bodies and Spirits
    Not a “Kmart super hero costume candy spook dance”
    A Nature Spells Space
    Care of Earth, Care of People
    Stories of our Lives

    The Celebration –

    One adult or teams of one adult and one kid with festive masks venture into the Circle to receive hints / clues from as many stations are they like and can seek-out the assistance from the Tree Mother on their draft their stories and songs. She ultimately receives the creative offerings from the children.

    Completed short stories and songs are then shared aloud. After the Harvest Spirits Celebration, the community-built Circle is an evening merry making space for all.

    The Harvest Celebration Circle Design Specification –

    + The major circle is 80′ in diameter

    + 12 hanging lamps run by candles

    + 8 story stations made of 2 adjoined food crates (with hints and clues on paper) occupy the middle circle

    + The inner circle is 20′ in diameter and surrounds the tallest tree in the Food Forest

    + 2 lit Jack o’ Lanterns guard each entrance to the inner circle at North, South, East and West

    + The Tree Mother (teacher / harvest spirit leader) is at the Big Tree

    + Home brought and found forest detritus make-up the two walking paths that bi-sect the Circle

    + The Celebration Circle is a low impact, multi-purpose and temporary celebration space for the community

    * * * * * * *

    ‘It’s our intent to teach, share, and invigorate the songs that travel thru this great Family; to hold space for the songs to do their healing work, to brew the melodic magic of collective singing. It is about bringing people together who feel called to awaken, and nurture our spiritual life thru communion with songs (and prayers, chants, blessings, and so on) of celebration of life in this temple universe. Such songs clarify our lives, strengthen our communities, and foster personal and planetary renewal.’ – Singing Alive


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