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The Community as the Hero: A Primer

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    Challenging Joesph Campbell’s classic monomyth vision, we now emphasize the community over the individual: favoring instead the community journey and the community as the hero (W. Paul 2017). Today there are more resources and power in the community and often too much short-term selfishness and corruption within individuals.


    Community – a group of people living in the same place that share common attitudes and goals.

    Community as the Hero – When a group educates and acts on pending opportunities and/or dangers where the entire group supports the mission at hand.

    Community Traditions and Community Initiations:

    Community traditions are the historic scaffolding of any community story or ritual. Initiations, or journeys, serve to convey the values that support the community as the hero and its traditions.

    To illustrate: the spring dance of the Maypole is a community as hero tradition where all participate.

    Clovid-19, on the other hand, is an example of an anti-community as hero where individuals must often battle the pandemic alone.


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