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The archetypal realm of: story; personal myth and what they have to teach us

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      Everyone has a story; and Joseph emphasized the importance of our own connection to meaning through this vehicle of own personal myth. Indeed the world’s myths inform us of not only how we might live; but provides insights into who we can become. Story is a structure by which we make sense of our world and our place in it. But depending on how we view our own place in our story we can also become a distorted version of what lies within us.

      Joseph’s understanding of the worlds great mythologies combined with the psychological insights of Carl Jung opened a doorway into the human psyche by which we can begin to see our frailties as well as our strengths in a very different way than what society usually tells us. And we begin to realize the ocean we are swimming in is much deeper than we realize. One metaphor he used was: “Standing on a whale fishing for minnows”; and the archetypal forces or powers that lie deep within us have the ability to destroy us as well as define us.

      Projection of shadow content is one of the ways this powerful force becomes readily apparent in the below clip by the insightful focus on: “Boo Radley”; one of the central but often misunderstood characters of the film: “To Kill a Mockingbird”. And indeed although much of the story is centered around the issue of race; it is also a story about coming of age and a parent’s relationship to the child and the world which they will come to inherit as adults.

      In the beginning of the film a “mnemonic” device or trigger of a cigar box full of childhood items is used to set up the film which this clip will go to further explain their importance. Each of us has items like these in our memory that provide doorways into our experiences that tell us much about who we are if read properly. And indeed; like the biblical metaphor: “my fathers house has many rooms”; they are much like dreams which represent vehicles into our unconscious past ready to be awakened at a moments notice; and often do when we least expect them to appear with a power that can make time stand still taking us back to places in our memory we may or may not want to revisit. Individuation often utilizes these devices when attempting to integrate the shadow. But they can also be powerful instruments of change as well; leading us into realms of potential of ourselves we could never have imagined.

      In times like this with the coronavirus forcing us to look inward tools like this indeed have the potential to create an opportunity for change; but our shadow can also unleash the powers of darkness that lie deep with our animal past as well. The more we try to understand these forces; the better off we are. Joseph emphasized this often when talking about Jung’s idea of integration; and this little clip about the film emphasizes this insight extremely well.



        Great book and film . The story can be interpreted through many lenses . Interpretations say as much about the interpreter as it does the story.

        Do you think scout represents the anima ?

        Our anima the scout ,the explorer ,That receptive inner child aspect of our intellect ?

        Boo is what we say to children to playfully scare frighten them ?

        We play peekaboo.

        Boo is 6 feet 6 inches . 666 the beast within all of us.

        Part of our primal survival instinct is to identify explore assess threats that scare us ?

        Fear is a threshold .

        ‘The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek”

        The son that kills the evil father is a well understood mythic trope .

        Boo’s name is Arthur. Any misty associations there ? to the once and future …

        Mockingbirds mimic and repeat just like history. Their song is Beautiful because it is bits and pieces of other birds songs.

        Our goal as individuals as members of society is to learn from and not repeat our mistakes. We should learn to appreciate the mocking bird , learn from how it’s song is constructed and not kill it . It is a messenger of a Higher Order .


          I do enjoy tangent !!!


          The tip of the



          The headwaters of streams of consciousness!!!

          The deep wellspring of the waters of life !!!

          How to consolidate distill format make communicable a thought & idea.

          Atticus is from the Greek the culture of benevolent rational though and logic .

          The name Atticus is a boy’s name of Greek, Latin origin meaning “from Attica”. Atticus derives from the Greek Attikos, meaning “from Attica,” the Ancient Greek region that contained Athens.

          Such mythic associations Athens elicits from Olympus and the gods to Raphael’s The School of Athens

          I do enjoy etymology

          In the beginning was the Logos !!!



          Learn to pronounce

          See definitions in:





          noun: logic

          reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.”experience is a better guide to this than deductive logic”


          science of reasoning

          science of deduction

          science of thought




          a particular system or codification of the principles of proof and inference.”Aristotelian logic”

          the systematic use of symbolic and mathematical techniques to determine the forms of valid deductive argument.plural noun: logics

          the quality of being justifiable by reason.”there’s no logic in telling her not to hit people when that’s what you’re doing”




          logical thought





          sound judgment


          good sense

          common sense





          syllogistic reasoning



          horse sense

          the course of action or line of reasoning suggested or made necessary by.”if the logic of capital is allowed to determine events”



          line of reasoning

          chain of reasoning

          process of reasoning



          a system or set of principles underlying the arrangements of elements in a computer or electronic device so as to perform a specified task.

          logical operations collectively.

          Origin (In the beginning was the Logos !!!)

          late Middle English: via Old French logique and late Latin logica from Greek logikē (tekhnē) ‘(art) of reason’, from logos ‘word, reason’.


          Learn to pronounce

          combining form

          suffix: -logic

          equivalent to -logical (as in pharmacologic ).


          from Greek -logikos .


            Robert; please know I have not forgotten you and have been working these last two days on a response to your excellent: “stream of consciousness” related symbols to my topic post. I will have something soon my friend; thank you for your kind interest.


              Just packed a little pickanick basket of power points.

              Let’s see if a Yogi and his little friend  Booboo will lift it dine and contemplate …

              Hey hey Booboo let’s find us a pic-a-nic basket !!!

              Hope it’s not to convoluted …

              I’m a reader not much of a writer.

              Always fun to speculate inquire attribute tentative meaning .

              Let the brainstorms of thought rage and flood our mind with associations .

              Contemplate a little creative eisegesis.

              Boo a booboo cut wound . Something to be healed .

              Heal thyself …

              In the clip Boo’s hair and clothes are white .

              As a ghost ? As a tabula rasa of/for projection ?

              Brings to mind the fear induced by Moby Dick ?

              White as absolute value . Absolutes are fearful . Fear the Lord God the biggest fish in the Universe… Urge demiurge imaginary mythic ? Who knows ?

              The absolutes of duality white black Light Dark good evil etc .

              We realize when they are revealed in the light of day hiding behind the door that our fears are generated to teach and protect us .


              Scissor stab .cuts paper bits and pieces. Mockingbird’s pits and pieces technique.

              Bottom of courthouse , law meant to contain the beast .

              Carved soap doll pair primordial pair Adam Eve Adam kadmon golem  .

              Marble spheres jack . Shapes that lead to Pythagorean neopythagorean platonic Neoplatonic Plotinus mysticism and philosophy.

              The knife technology . Plough share pruning hooks to swords . Tree of knowledge sword of mind of spirit .

              Crayons , the many prismatic hues and spectrum between the absolutes of light and dark .

              Broken watch and chain , arrested development , the breaking ending of the chain of pain abuse injustice .

              Jem (Gem) loses his pants that which covers his lower nature …

              The lower nature must be revealed in order to have conversation of a higher order .…

              Spelling award – Boo is a man of letters of the magical art of healing through written narrative . It ain’t called magic spells of nuttin !!! He creates spells out his magic through his actions.

              Tree world tree axis mundi . Tree hole birth canal Vesica piscis core .

              Mason trowel cement sealed hole of cut or fallen branch.

              Protestant Freemason – Catholic Jesuit analogy ( workers of symbols ) architects carpenters . Mineral kingdom vegetable kingdom .

              Freemasons racism kkk .

              The magnum opus of Harper Lee .

              The pages of her book the leaves ,

              Are pages in the book of life .

              Are leaves on the tree of life .

              They were brought forth to heal the wounds of a nation .

              Happy Independence Day !!!


                Robert; thank you for your patience; and to re-emphasize my earlier post I definitely have not forgotten you but have been working on my answer to this for 3 days now. What I have been trying to construct is a response that makes the connection between your: “stream-of consciousness” narrative; and the (cigar box) as a vehicle of communication used in the film.

                So think of it this way; the box represents a container of symbols or images used to convey meaning; but without words. Each symbol represents an experience of meaning which is part of a larger context; (just like your stream-of-subject matter is related to the above topic). So that this expression; (which you sometimes refer to as: “tangents”); has a relationship to something deeper in the subconscious for you than just a fact or surface display of something without any interior connection to you.

                These components remind you of something which presents images and symbols of connection to a context of something. Now is this meaning you draw subjective or objective perception or both?; and the point of what I’m trying to establish is this is also the “language” of dreams as well as waking consciousness. And metaphors are vehicles for these non-verbal things; just like words or verbal communication are also. Myths as Joseph describes them are metaphors that point beyond something; to a context that informs them. So that an image or a symbol or a metaphor is a language the psyche uses to communicate with itself; like in a dreams for instance.

                For example the: “standing on a whale fishing for minnows in this large Ocean or Sea of meaning” metaphor Joseph refers to can be used in religion (as well as) a subject within normal conversation if applied in that way. But Joseph also makes the distinction that: “life itself is without meaning; we bring the meaning to it”; so that when I say: “this cigar box is full of things that have meaning for me; these things may not make any sense to you unless they are presented within a certain context; (i.e. in the movie); as metaphors of a larger story which itself reveals with the relationship between Boo Radley and Scout as one of the vehicles of it’s larger overall message.

                (There a number of these powerful influences going on within this storyline; such as Tom Robinson, and particularly Atticus Finch who is represented as a “moral force”.) But I’ll leave those topics and any further Jungian parlance to others to address for now since my point at the moment has to do with my original post topic; (which to be clear); has to do with “Archetypes” and how they affect us and the narrative of our own individual (personal) story or myth. Now we are beginning to talk about emotion and feelings which are clues to this bridge between our inner and outer worlds which provide the context necessary to illustrate my point – which is the main subject I was trying to establish; not outer surface display which we normally confuse as reality; but what (informs) this inner world we inhabit but we are not necessarily aware of.

                To take this point a bit further there are 3 Robin Williams movies; which for me; address certain important themes related to this subject; “The Fisher King; The Dead Poet’s Society; and Good Will Hunting”; which all have to do with archetypal influence on the individual and Joseph’s Hero in different ways. But for now I’ll stop here and see where this takes us. (I hope this rather clumsy attempt helps to add some clarity to your questions Robert.)


                  In this clip from the movie: “The Fisher King”; Parry and Jack may help to illustrate some clarity on this context that Archetypes provide between our inner and outer worlds I was referring to:


                    I’m going to add this second clip from: “The Fisher King” to give a little further context as to the inner world archetypal influences can inhabit for those who have not seen the movie. Parry; (who is homeless and obviously delusional); has rescued Jack from a beating and is now asking for his help.


                      Here is one last clip of Joseph talking about the Shadow system which references some of this context.



                        I do enjoy your prose style. You are very good at connecting the dots. The grail the fisher king legend  and myth is a favorite that can be deconstructed and followed back to both Judeo-Christian and pagan sources. It has its roots in many cultures because it is archetypical . We’ve had many enjoyable discussions in the Salon on it.

                        I think Robin Williams is a unique individual suited well to portray the peculiar fire of the mind that leads to multiple connections of thought . I thoroughly appreciate his career.

                        what is it about these themes that draw you back to them ?




                          Let us bow our heads and rift … To Genetic engineering The Future … The Gail … And Another Cup Of Wine … Read between the lines !!! Become Fishers of Being of the Imagination !!!




                          First a thank you to Stephen for responding to my post on breath[e]. The source of life, like water, food, etc. this act and might I suggest noble act [Campbell in The Power of Myth states that the very act of being born-having to breath o one’s own is heroic] is so oft perfunctory and we forget what is involved in doing this act. I think that is why I find the sensibility of the yogis and Zen masters  helpful in brining me into communion with this thing I do at every moment in the day. I am and not am in control of this act-more often not in control, but my ego makes me think otherwise.

                          Here is where I find connection to the two recent mythblast post by Bradley and John. I think it is another aspect in life where we might give some thought to its place, its abuses, but also its necessity in coming to understand ourselves. This I think has some important connections to Campbell’s work -he gives us stories that involve aspects of this thing called ego-John in his post today talks about it in its aspect of mentor-one should know what gifts might be shared -we need have our sense of self and what we can bring to a person, community, etc. The old tigre however, understands the need to sublimate that ego enough that sharing presents no threat to his worth, but rather provides food to the young tigre that will help him find himself. I love this story and I think it would help to nourish a community of people run amuck with this ego that produces so much damage as we witness today, yesterday and in the future if w do not change.

                          Just to be fair, certainly women also need such figures -and the beauty of the story is that it can be read from a genderless point of view. Ah-yes, the old myths can speak to us, even if we are in the process of creating a new one-the mandate Campbell left us. I think that tigre never lost his majestic stature even if his body was no longer majestic. Rather there is a beauty in decline-honourable and loving. In a country where decline is feared, desperately held at bay to the point of patheticness, we might consider the old tigre and  what he still has to offer-we might consider the myths that were dreamed before us and what they might offer us in guiding the writing of this new myth. I sense the need to consult them again since at the moment we have no myth and perhaps they can fill that liminal space between what was and what is to come.


                            I’m going to try and join these two post replies together into one response because I definitely think they address the common purpose of why I created this particular topic thread in the first place.

                            Robert; yes; there is a specific connection of the earlier motifs I keep coming back to because they address certain themes which I feel are extremely important concerning the individual’s understanding of what is driving them; (namely archetypal influences specific to the individual’s own hero journey and becoming “engaged” with them); and the idea behind the age old saying: “getting in touch with one’s self” in how to understand this interplay and it’s affect on their life. Otherwise we as human beings are not in control of our responses to them; and our journey through life will often just be little more than a reactive response to whatever crisis presents itself at the moment and our idea of meaning and fulfillment will become more and more elusive; much less in the way we see our life and our relationships to the people around us

                            But even more important to understand is the potential of aspects of our animal nature; (such as feelings of resentment, anger, and violence); to become dominant features in the way we as a society; (much less we as individual’s); react or respond to many of these crisis events in our lives – like the ones we see playing out in the media concerning the Coronavirus or the political protest movements that are sweeping across the planet; such as: Racial Injustice; Climate Change and Global Warming; refugee and immigrant suffering; or possible war or economic collapse. These are issues that both Jung and Joseph addressed in the way we as human beings see ourselves and the way we come to terms and respond to them.

                            JoAnne; your reply was especially relevant to these concerns in the beautiful way your articulation combined many of these issues into one post; ((and yes); I whole-heartedly agree with your premise. To me we absolutely must take a more hands on approach to many of these issues; (especially regarding women); and how we can become more proactive in how we respond to them. But to combine with your approach on Joseph’s ideas I also think it is extremely critical to understand what’s driving us from the inside as well as what is affecting us so profoundly from the outside.

                            Here is another clip of Joseph’s that addresses some of these issues we are discussing:

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