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Research Group: The Work of Joseph Campbell (Comparative Archetypal Mythology)

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    Tiago Alves

      Hello everyone!
      I’m Tiago Alves, leader of the Mythological RoundTable® Group from Belo Horizonte, Brazil and I coordinate the Mitosfera project.
      Despite the pandemic, I continue to do online and free RoundTable® meetings. As well as paid courses from the Mitosfera project, mainly focused on the perspective of comparative mythology and the symbols of the collective unconscious from the perspective of Campbell and Jung.
      Together with Artemis Laboratory at UFSJ (Federal University of São João Del Rey), we will start the first academic research group linked to a federal institution and the CNPq, to ​​study the work of Jospeh Campbell, in Brazil. As the UFSJ is a federal public institution, and therefore free of charge, the research group will also be.
      The group’s objective is to bring together researchers who want to debate  Campbell’s work for the production of scientific papers and academic articles, approaching the core themes of the author.
      It is a unique undertaking and we hope to develop good debates about the work of this great master and researcher.
      The group will carry out the study of the four volumes of the Masks of God with an initial contract.
      Interested parties can apply through the link:

      Best Regards

      Tiago Alves


      Thank you, Tiago, for sharing this.

      A couple questions:

      Do participants need to be fluent in the Portuguese language?

      And could you provide a sense of what form this will take? Is this a discussion group? And what results are expected (e.g., should participants plan to come to some sort of consensus conclusion? And is everyone expected to publish papers)?

      Thanks – I figure the more info you can provide, the more likely individuals might be persuaded to participate.

      Tiago Alves

        Hi Stepnhe, how are you?

        Thanks for your questions.

        Unfortunately, for a better understanding among the participants of a topic that is already so complex, the research group will be for people who are fluent in Portuguese.

        The group’s proposal is to be a research group. The idea is to start from a systematic reading of Campbell’s work (Masks of God – at first), to enable the development of scientific articles. The idea is for each researcher to articulate their own line of research to be shared and collaborated by the group. The proposal is for each member to develop their own paper to be published. The group will serve to improve individual ideas without the need for a consensus other than what can be identified in Campbell’s own work.

        Best Regards

        Tiago Alves

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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