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Religion, the fine art of deception – Julius Fann, Jr

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    There is a box of flesh we call ourselves, in this three dimensional miniature imitation of the creation of life, I perceive in the dark of my mind which sees no light or knowledge, and certainly no wisdom. And yet there is something within us somewhere like a tiny, infinitesimal mechanism of consciousness that is alive and hypnotized in a false awareness we know as the 4th world of cosmic energy believed by man to be outside this box. But under the precipice of shadowed knowledge can be found ego’s objective and subjective mind. And everything man does while living under this precipice, whether precipitated by human thought analysis, visions, feelings, or because he has not found a way to touch, within himself, the invisible Spirit of the law of life, he will then become judgmental and opinionated towards a particular branch of some people living, perpetuated by belief in a second mind, over and above that of the unconditioned Mind of what is beyond his knowledge.

    Always man is in a debate, or discussion concerning real and unreal, and who knows this, and who doesn’t, adjudicating his fleshly knowledge, and asserting his position being right, and all others wrong. His vehement intellect states reality is of mind and its senses manifest tangibility either by thought or physically. This man’s intellectual metaphysics approach comes from the energy of his brain, and the sustaining power of the cosmos. He calls himself a spiritualist, a theist, atheist, philosopher or is just one who deals in the reality of dualism, of light versus darkness, and institutes a deity which is also judgmental and partial to certain people, places and things of itself it has created.

    What this individual presents is always fabricated theories, complexities, the mind cannot grasp because the mind cannot reach into the core element which produces the essence applicable to truth. This individual put up a great front of life, but he cannot go into the root cause of anything, nor explain the substance and essence of the structure of that which is known to the human mind as the cosmos, or heavens, or the universe without conjecture. He bypasses the reasoning that “a shadow does not exist where it falls. A shadow also does not exist where it does fall.” because he hasn’t realized light does not cast a shadow, neither does darkness. This saying is as A. Schopenhauer stated: “This actual world of what is knowable, in which we are and which is in us, remains both the material and the limit of our consideration.”

    Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength – jufa

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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