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People need to stop lying to themselves – J. Fann, Jr

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      People need to stop lying to themselves, for life, not existence is as I stated before. You can’t experience anything except through thought. You can’t experience your own body except through the help of thought. The sensory perceptions are there. Your thoughts give form and definition to the body, otherwise you have no way of experiencing it.

      The body does not exist except as a thought. There is one thought. Everything exists in relation to that one thought. That thought is “me”. Anything you experience based on thought is an illusion.

      But let’s get to the truth of life of what man says and what man, any man no exception with this question: why must thought be an illusion? or more to my point, if something is an illusion, does that have to make it inherently false?

      My brothers and sisters you better give this QUESTION some serious, in depth analysis, especially the last two lines

      (“True/false are both consequential conclusions, based on an assumption, isn’t it?

      Something has to be assumed as absolute truth and it’s only relative to this assumption that something else can be concluded as true or false.

      An illusion, is just that……………an illusion.

      Something with no independent existential reality.

      Aka a shadow.” )- Zorba

      All human beings are shadows, and shadows are illusions. They have no independent volume,. substance, and clearly no essence of anything. When the Source of human cognition retrieves it Breath unto Itself, the shadow is no more, and regardless of what the human believed, it’s coexistence with the Source is found to be a lie for the Source was, is all that ever was.

      And so, like all illusions………..

      (A shadow does not exist where it does not fall.

      A shadow also does not exist, where it does fall.”) – Zorba

      Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength – jufa



        i enjoy your writing style.

        The self, as reality itself, is a figment of the imagination caused by the persistence of memory . But it works. Lots of fun to contemplate and play with. There are a multitude of myths metaphors allegories hypothesis’s theories conjectures worldviews to chose from. The best we can do is understand our own and attempt to empathize with others . We do have lives to live and enrich . Our time is short and fleeting. The best we can do is attempt to enrich our life and the life of others through meaningful coherent exchange of thought and ideas.

        Cogito ergo sum

        Robert R Reister

        R cubed


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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