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One tribe, one movement, one story

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    “Life only has meaning as a story. Otherwise, it’s just a series of events.”

    – Michael Lambert,


    In Facebook alone, there are a zillion groups that overlap in mission statements and ongoing events. What if one story from the “Save the Earth and its People” movement could be written and adopted as a code to consolidate resources and join efforts?

    Can there be one tribe and one story to build the next civilization? Are we interconnected or not? Talk about the hypocrisy of separateness.

    One story, one community requires us to consolidate resources, find commonality. To join forces.

    Fear isn’t a narrative and it doesn’t support a positive story. Where is our yellow brick road?


    : One Community Rant :

    Bees, whales, pesticides, plastic!

    Sow, reap, protest, console!

    Cops, children, warriors, protect!

    Permie, regen, climate, reef!


    Join the FB Group: William Paul’s Big Bang!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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