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New Meeting: JCF Mythological RoundTable(™) Group of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    We invite you to participate on the online meeting that will be held on Saturday, September 18 from 16 to 18pm.

    The only conditions to be present are living in Buenos Aires and having participated in some of our previous face to face meetings.

    During the meeting, we will share the Spanish translation of some recent articles published in the Mythblast series as triggers for group reflection.

    Taking advantage of the recent release of the fantasy and adventure film “The Green Knight” (David Lowery, 2021), based on one of the most famous stories of the Arthurian cycle, we will reflect on the writing that the German Indologist Heinrich Zimmer developed on this original poem of the 14th century.

    Those who wish to participate can write to us during the course of the weeks to receive the meeting code.

    “JCF Mythological RoundTable(™) Group of Buenos Aires, Argentina”
    Contact: Juan Manuel Otero Barrigón / Clinical Psychologist / Chair “Psychology of Religion” (USAL-Argentina)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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