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    Good Evening! I am Nandakishore Varma from India, nandu is my JCF avatar. I was quite active here on the fora in its previous incarnation – as nandu. It’s the name my friends use for me.

    I am Chemical Engineer by profession, freelancing in Process Safety now. I am a voracious reader and devour 100+ books a year, and review most of them. I am also a published author now, having released a book of short stories in my native language of Malayalam.

    I consider Joe Campbell my spiritual guru, the person who unlocked the hidden creativity within myself. Myths and fairy tales are where I draw my inspiration from!



    Great to see you here, Nandu! In the past, I have always enjoyed it when you share the occasional myth (and sometimes a corresponding ritual) from your childhood, and look forward to more of those.

    Bliss On!


    Hey, Nandu! A pleasure to see you back in these elevated surroundings. 🌝


    Hi Nandu! Here we are again! How cool is that?


    Thanks for the warm welcome! Yes, here we are, the knights of the JCF round table. I think this might be the second part of our grail quest.

    Happy to be here again!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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