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Mythic Resonance in Dream

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    Incredibly active “night life” in April – twelve different dreams recorded in my journal so far in April. Of course, few things are more boring than reading someone else’s dreams, but thought I would share an unexpected mythic theme that emerged over the course of the month.

    April started with a dream where a former junior high school student of mine named Hilary – now an attractive brunette in her early thirties – offers me a glass with a bright, translucent green beverage in it – an amazing shade I’ve never seen before in real life.

    Later the same night the same female figure appeared clad in a white and mostly green dress – same ethereal shade of green as the elixir in the earlier dream, with the texture of the fabric akin to the petals of an orchid. She took me into a tall building and up the stairs to a place where both my late mother, and an old girlfriend who passed away some seven years, were waiting for me – at which point the girl in the green dress dissolved into a translucent bright green mist that I experienced as some sort of divine being.

    The continuity of character between the dreams, and that diaphanous, luminous green in the elixir, the spring frock, and the amorphous glowing mist really grabbed my attention. When I awoke, I found myself thinking “Spring” and Goddess.”

    I’m always fascinated as to how and why my psyche selects one person I know and not another to carry archetypal energies in a specific dream, so on waking I researched the etymology of the name “Hilary,” which traces back to the Greek, with meanings that include cheerful, joyous, merry (think “hilarity”), and, ultimately, “to appease, propitiate, reconcile.”


    My research led to the Hilaria festival in ancient Greece and Rome, which unfolded between the Spring Equinox and the new moon in April. The Hilaria honored the Great Mother Goddess Cybele and the death-and resurrection of her son-lover Attis.

    First mind-boggling synchronicity: that April new moon, which traditionally marked the end of the Hilaria festival, occurred that same night during my dream!

    Second mind-boggling synchronicity: 

    My old student Hilary’s family came here from Greece a few generations back (in fact, the last time I saw her was at a festival at the local Greek Orthodox Church the summer before Covid)!

    So we have a Greek girl named Hilary, a magic elixir, an emphasis on death (arrangements for a funeral and other elements I did not share – it was a long dream) . . . not exactly a one-to-one correspondence to every detail of the mythic celebration, but certainly resonates with the season and this time of year.

    This goddess imagery unfolded further throughout the month, with different people (some from real life, some not) in that role – from unclothed waifish elfin females pulling pranks on adults that are blamed on me, to a line of 9 raven-tressed women in togas dancing in a courtyard whom I invite into our hotel room (which morphs into a spacious setting for entertaining) when it starts raining outside, to an intimate encounter in a darkened dance hall setting with another brunette friend from decades back that was interrupted. This dream arc came to a conclusion one night last week when a flaxen-haired best friend placed a hand on the outside of each of my arms just below the shoulders, looked me in the eye, told me how much she loved me, and shared a soulful hug.

    That progression mirrored positive physical, emotional, and psychological developments in waking life, as did a few other dream arcs (e.g., being a passenger in a driverless vehicle in one dream, then a dream where a male whom I did not know was driving – over treacherous ground near the edge of a cliff – and a few nights later a passenger in a car driven by another close female friend, and finally a dream where I am in my own vehicle).

    Has anyone else experienced an uptick in dream activity with the coming of Spring?

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