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    Hope this title is ok. Just wanted to share this link of Collaboration between ballet dancer Jock Soto and Robert Mirabal. This is one I missed!
    Talk about transcendence and storytelling!

    Click on link to view: “Stage Recording Trailer | Balloon Fiesta Park Drive-In” on Vimeo


    Love pretty much anything Robert Mirabel does – thanks for sharing this, Sunbug!

    I hope you don’t mind, but I used my admin super powers to remove the raw URL and arrange the link so that if someone clicks on it, it will open in a separate page (that way forum users don’t have to worry about being transported away from this page and having to navigate their way back to COHO).

    To do that in the future, type out the title you want to use for your link, then highlight it and click on the slanted paperclip icon (next to the image icon) on the menu at the top of your posting form. Paste the URL into the field that opens, click on the gear-like icon and select the open on a different page” option, and then click submit.


    I don’t mind at all Stephen!

    Awesome admin Super Powers!!

    I’m not the most technically minded person (even though I’ve learned to navigate the “surface” of iPhones—-I’m not a tech person—often call upon my tech friends for help grin!)

    But had no clue as how to provide the link in a non-convoluted manner.

    This will definitely help!

    Thank you Stephen!

    Yes feel the same about Robert Mirabal.
    I am hoping one day there will be a video for the full performance of this.
    Guessing may take time since performance came out the year before 2020.

    I’ve seen both Jock Soto (NYC Ballet and Mirabal separately on PBS. So this collaboration seems absolutely brilliant to me!)


    Though this isn’t dance, my wife and I are excited to be enjoying the arts once again after the 18 month or so Covid lag. The last weekend of September we attended a production of Steve Martin’s “The Underpants” (a revision of a 1911 play) at a local playhouse where we purchase annual season tickets. What a thrill to be enjoying a show and laughing with other people in the flesh. And then ,on October 1, we traveled an hour-and-a-half to Sacramento to catch a performance of Hamilton (stellar performance – I haven’t the words to explain how wonderful it was – my wife purchased tickets back in May for my birthday).

    And just two nights ago we drove a couple hours to San Jose (at the south end of San Francisco Bay) for a magnificent dinner and my birthday gift to my wife in August – catching Monty Python alum John Cleese on his “Why There is No Hope” tour.

    Everyone at the performances we attended was vaxxed and masked (except for performers onstage), which wasn’t really much of an inconvenience. Here’s hoping conditions continue to improve as life in the arts gradually returns to normal . . .



    I am so glad you and your wife were able to see all those performances!
    The title to this link should include All performance…it’s all connected!

    I love Steve Martin (multitalented beyond comedy/music too)

    The play sounds awesome! And my God how we need laughter! Vitally now!
    So wonderful!
    A friend of mine from California was able to get tickets to Hamilton when she traveled to her former stomping grounds in NYC…very thrilled too!
    I know it was on demand as well but nothing like a live performance!
    All my NY friends love it even if not all have seen it live:-)

    Monty Python? John Cleese? (yeah yeah yeah) What a wonderful birthday gift to your wife!!
    Laughter lightens the soul! Music opens the heart.
    And by universe and transcendence we desperately need that balance!
    Healing for the Spirit heart and mind as well as the body.
    Think I read somewhere how some Drs and Nurses were playing music for patients on recovery from CV and when the patients left the hospital they played “Here Comes the Sun.”

    The energetic potential in Art/Performance/Music/dance is beautiful and Sacred and healing   (Hope that doesn’t sound too over the top) laugh.

    When I saw Robert Mirabal perform live, he told our audience “you don’t know it but you just participated in a ceremony.”  And there was definitely energy in the show, in the atmosphere, that something “in-between.” No one left unaffected. It was sort of like a prayer for peace.

    And George Harrison’s sister Lou once came to Beatlefest and told the story of a depressed young man determined to end his life…and he put on his parents Beatles records…but something miraculous happened…with each one he felt a little less depressed and by the third he was cheerful and called the hospital because he didn’t want to die.

    Yes I agree! Prayers and healing! A better horizon!  And a return of Bodhisattva! From the Heart!

    Long Live Art and the Arts!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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