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Language as Metaphor?

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    You are opening up a wonderful can of worms (I mean that in the best possible way). If you don’t mind the nudge, rather than bury this post in an existing thread, perhaps you wouldn’t mind opening a brand new conversation on this topic (maybe something like The “Mythology” of Science). Frankly, if you leave out the shout-out to Mars, you might want to paste your comment above word-for-word as the opening post, along with the Feynman video.

    I don’t believe we have a discussion devoted to science yet, but I can imagine people checking out COHO being drawn to the topic, whereas most might not know it’s here if they have to read the entire metaphor thread to get to this post (forgive me for thinking like an admin, which I am – the greater the variety of fascinating topics, the better for the forums as a whole).

    If you wouldn’t mind, we could do that (to avoid duplication, might want to delete the comment and clip here, and just leave a message re-directing Mars to the new thread if he’s interested).



      By all means feel free to repost move delete add to augment edit critique any and all of my posts. Your curating patients administration tasks are greatly appreciated. I am here as a student to learn. I trust your insights.  I known I tend to go far a field and take different tangents . I enjoy communicating from the boarders of my knowledge here using a humorous and sometimes confusing perspective. Lots of Fun !!!

      Robert R Reister


      an alternate spelling for Ra is Re (Rey) a drop of golden sun ! O those Egyptians and their Sun Gods ! Freud had his go at it . Monotheism.


      Robert – I have some thoughts; if you have a chance, check your private messages.



        Very bluntly spoken, R³ is a genius or a hermit. Both appreciated, we have fine discussions. But better branch off very preferred as this keeps things more readable (intertwinted topics don’t work). And a fresh open start better too! So the single R³ subject of Science vs Myth. Maybe a chapter on its own (lots of fun too!).

        Outshouted on a ‘Language as Methaphor’ topic as a non-english native tongue in the lions den I consider as a mere compliment. All my fierce stodgy sparking and spicey thoughts are lost in translation throughout.

        Thanks Stephen.



          I assure you I am neither genius or hermit, just an inquisitive east coast dude that enjoys reading and sharing thoughts. Your translation skill are excellent. It is a joy to read your translated thoughts. I could not imaging attempting to translate my poetic musings into a foreign tongue . Thank you for your input.



            Thanks Robert, let’s engage to the next conversation!



              What people express in words to one another is not captured, nor displayed to the receiver’s inner truth the speaker’s or writer’s revelation conveyed. Words are only pointers. That is the illusion of words, also the metaphor of mirages lived. That is the mirage of The Tower of Babel symbol found in Genesis 11:1–9, and the origin myth meant to explain why the world’s peoples speak different languages, whether written, or placed upon a canvas, or spoken.

              No one sees or feels the truth which culminate s as a written or spoken word, or painted image of experience through the eye of another.   The viewer, or reader, or hearers becomes selective in relativity points which are relative to their personalized comprehensive living and evaluation. The reader, viewer, and listener accept or reject, something they do, or do not relate to, thus, words have become the Father of lies, for they have deceptively caused people to accept or reject someone’s experience as their own. This is the illusion, the lie, the mirage, the metaphor men live by and as.

            Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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