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      “It is interesting how man must be brought to a standstill to make him attentive to the reality of Consciousness. We are so accustomed to the material conscious activity of ourselves and the world around us, we never stop to consider it is our unconscious minds which regulate and direct the functions of our bodies continuously. We never consider it is through our unconscious thought appearance as cognizable awareness, we see the path of direction to take for discernment of this, that, or what and what not to do.

      We are, at this moment, so engaged in our conscious human moments of sense living we never realize our outer objective visions, and inner subjective feelings are truly governed by the invisible reality of the spark of life within us which is truly the engine which runs our inertia of will to conceived, nurture, and birth the conditions we seek to move within.
      We are never in control, but we think we are.” – jufa

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    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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