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Hello from Australia

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      Hi All,

      Glad to see these forums back again. I’ve not been active for over a decade (I known as OliveBranch on the old JCF forums).  Those were great conversations and I’m looking forward to having more in the future.

      Phillip S


      Welcome Home, Phillip!

      This new iteration of Conversations of a Higher Order has been active barely two months now – so you’re getting in on the ground floor!

      Glad to see you here!



        Thanks for the warm welcome back to the forums Stephen.  The breadth and depth of the discussions makes this a very unique place.


        Hi Philspar,

        I think I remember seeing your OliveBranch name before–anyway, nice to meet you~

        –Mary Ann



        We’re trying to collect essential myths in a thread called Myths Everyone Should Know, in our Conversation with a Thousand Faces forum. I notice that no one has mentioned any myths from Australia. I don’t know how familiar you might be with aboriginal tales, but sure would appreciate if if you would visit the link and add any titles and brief descriptions that come to you (or any myths from other cultures you feel might have been overlooked).

        Hope all is flowing well for you in these surreal times . . .



          Hey Stephen,

          Thanks for the prompt – your timing is perfect!  I completed a 2 year work contract when your message came through yesterday so I’ve finally got some free time to get back into the forums.

          I’ll have a look at the (abitiously named) “Myths Everyone Should Know” thread and see if there’s anything missing from either Aboriginal or international mythologies.

          All the best,

          Phillip S

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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