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Happy Winter Solstice 12/21 and Happy Great Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction

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    Happy Winter Solstice, Everyone and Happy Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction!

    Here’s a NASA link about the Great Conjunction.

    On the NASA website, you can find an article about the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn so special on this Winter Solstice. These two planets are said to have been the huge star the 3 wise men followed to search for the Christ King that this star predicted. While this conjunction happens every 20 years and is special, this is the closest the two planets have been together since the 1400s. Since this planetary conjunction can mean (re)birth, we have a double rebirth today with the solstice and this “star.” Hoping for renewal of spirit for all at this time, and Merry Yuletide Solstice!


    –Blessed Be,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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