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Framing Current Events Through Myth

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    Broaching this topic is fraught with peril, as its application of myth to a specific news item could be viewed as taking sides in the election, which is not my intent (mythology does not tell anyone how to vote). However, it is an example of how an English professor at Rutgers (Rachel Hadas, who also taught at Columbia – Joseph Campbell’s alma mater – and Princeton, and has been recognized with a Guggenheim Fellowship in Poetry, among other honors) employs myth as a framework for processing and understanding current events.

    In this instance, the author looks at the president’s Covid diagnosis earlier this month through the portal of Greek myth (the same technique can be applied to actions of his opponents in the campaign, Congress, the courts, and a variety of public figures). No matter what side of the fence one is on, strikes me this is worth a read.

    Do you ever view current events through the lens of myth? Any examples you would care to share?

    (Just a cautionary note: if  commenting on posts please do your best to avoid advocating partisan positions – not the easiest needle to thread, I know – stick with the myth).



      From my (european) view to this initiated (by SG) perspective, local interpretations are moulded in local realities, and extremely temporarily through the mythical lens. What do the Gods cast upon us now? Yet another ordeal to cope with? Oh, how and why, to our knees, follow the leader-leader or accept utter mass-extinction.

      Hmm…  challenging times for sure, but no real threshold really. Climate, resources, population, diseases, migration, swift energy & food supplies? Our gods (they are our gods – ‘us ourselves’) don’t give a damn about us (‘us ourselves’). If that does not change, we’re extinct already.

      Hope is the last resort once Pandora has opened our faith. (But don’t blame her, it’s we!)

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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