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Found My Bliss

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    I don’t know whether something personal like this is a valid topic, but I have to say this somewhere.

    In 2021, I seem to have found bliss. I am a wannabe writer since the past three and a half decades: and I published a collection of stories in March, so became a “published” writer of sorts. However, I felt that there was something still missing.

    During this lockdown, in September, I started writing microfiction in FB – and it has taken off. Without my knowing, I am suddenly flying. I have stumbled upon my treasure.

    I used to set targets and read. Review all the books I read. Write blog posts. Post in online fora like this. Well, all that’s over.

    Only my bliss matters now. Au Revoir!

    (PS: Also, in my other Avatar as a Process Safety Specialist, I have seriously started training and mentoring. I realise that I am giving my gift back to the society.)


    That’s great Nandu, I sure enjoyed our conversations over the years even though we disagree. I am kinda struggling to get my writing habits rolling right now so I can only imagine how good it feels to get published. Anyways wish you the best.


    microfiction? do tell!


    Wonderful news, Nandu!

    I would have responded sooner, but health issues have derailed my presence in COHO the past several days; nevertheless, I do want to applaud and support the embrace of your bliss (even if it means you’ll be less present in these forums).

    At the same time, like mythicwarrior, my curiosity is aroused. When and if you get a chance, even if months from now, I hope you’ll take an opportunity to drop by and expand on the concept of microfiction, filling us in a bit on where your creative efforts have taken you.

    In the meantime,
    Bliss On!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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