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    Recently I’ve heard from a few different people who had been posting regularly in the forums that their time has been taken “catching up” on the podcasts listed here (especially programs with a backlog of episodes prior to the creation of the MythMaker™ Podcast Network ), which has limited the time they spend in COHO.

    I have to appreciate the irony – but what a positive development! When I first became involved with JCF, nearly two decades ago, there wasn’t that much material available: the Power of Myth interviews, of course, along with a few books Joseph Campbell published during his lifetime, and a few posthumous works the Foundation released, a handful of audio lectures, and a single volume of the Mythos video lectures.

    Since then there have been another 10 volumes of original Campbell material published, along with some 70-plus hours of audio lectures (with more to come), a total of 15 video lectures in the Mythos video series (with yet another video series in the works), and unheard lectures coming up in the Pathways with Joseph Campbell podcast.

    Add to that the other creative podcasts in the MythMaker network, along with dozens of MythBlast essays from scholars and others working in the field of myth (not to mention an explosion of books and other material not directly related to JCF’s efforts), and there are now so many rich resources available that no one need “go hungry” anymore . . .



    Twenty years ago, there were the Power of Myth interviews and some video lectures, that’s  all that I can recall. And now, there is a gold mine to go through, lectures, videos, podcasts, books, CDs, DVDs, guest writers, mythblasts. I wish I had more time in my day to go through some videos and podcasts.

    Thank you JCF!


    I am with you there, Shaahayda!

    There is so much more mythic content available today that I have a hard time keeping up (indeed, even in these forums so many posts are of such depth that one has to take the time to digest and absorb them, then let associated thoughts simmer, brew, and bubble up to the surface before even considering posting a response!).

    Much as I love Joseph Campbell, it’s particularly rewarding to see the grand mythic conversation expand beyond just his thoughts and observations (I do believe Joe would appreciate that as well): so many more voices in the mix, as we see in the range of authors contributing to the MythBlast essays, and now these myth-oriented podcasts.

    I used to rock out to music in earbuds on my daily walks – but now, I’m just as often listening to podcasts. In fact, I pretty much have to walk during Myth Matters and Myth America – both Catherine Svehla and Leigh Melander dive so deep, and their voices are so soothing, that if I listen to them at night in bed, as I do with some history-oriented podcasts, I’d be pulled into the mythworld of dream before completing an episode.

    As for Skeleton Keys, that’s such an upbeat, fun look at the mythic underpinnings of popular culture. And then, of course, Joe’s Pathways podcast lectures are pure gold . . .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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