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Finding your story in a time of uncertainty

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      I am adding a second follow up item which furthers explores and helps to underline the importance of the power of one’s story and it’s effects on others as should be evident after watching it. Erin Gruwell engaged a second individual as an example following: “The Diary of Anne Frank” with another book that was sweeping the world at that time called: “The Diary of Zlata Filipovich” about the writings of a young girl in Sarajevo during the Bosnian War in the early 1990’s. This clip was taken from an interview with TV news correspondent: Jane Pauley and shows actual footage of the war as a backdrop to what she went through.


        I want to add a (3rd) clip as a summation to this idea of how one’s personal myth or story if found and followed as Joseph Campbell points toward in his themes can become a vehicle of change; and that the ideas he left behind; (at least for me); have become a footpath towards discovering the deeper meanings of my life. The metaphors and the stories of others are roadmaps and symbols that can point the way just as Erin Gruwell did in the discovery of her life’s purpose; (what some of us might call: “Following Your Bliss”); but the point remains that it is your journey and your definition of what it is to be that counts and what happens along the way.

        The world is experiencing great hardship right now with this Covid virus pandemic along with global warming and climate change looming on the horizon. There are wars and conflicts and all manner of human suffering going on all over the planet; but within each of us is a seed; and if that seed is allowed to grow; no matter at what age or station in life as Joseph points out; there is a track for each of us waiting to be discovered and if followed can bring meaning and purpose to any life no matter who or where they are. That does not mean there is no suffering; but only a part of the larger canvas upon which our lives are expressed and our story that is left behind. Our story is what it’s all about; (at least this is what Joseph’s message says to me); and like Jung’s symbol of the “Telesphorus” leaves a lantern to show the way!


        Hi Shaahayda, I do remember that paper of yours and it is so scientifically well-done and well-written. I very much enjoyed reading it and have enjoyed our conversations on the topic of the elderly and death and dying, dismal as they can seem, feel, or be. It is vital that the elderly have good care; many of us do not think much about it until our grandparents get very old or we lose them when they die or when we lose a parent who “passes,” to use the euphemism to soften the harsh reality of death. I enjoy your work on this subject very much as I enjoy so much of your more personal writing as well. I am thinking too of a sort of in-between world in the writing world, I guess which carries the descriptive term of “creative non-fiction” in memoir or travel journals and such. I very much enjoy the tone and style and topics of your creative non-fiction, your memoir material that also contains your tales of your personal myth.

        ~ Marianne




        Thank you for sharing your paper with us. I wrote about how much I enjoy it and your other writing to0, elsewhere.

        ~ Marianne



        Thank you so much for that link here to the website of Jean Shinoda Bolen. I finally looked through it/read more thoroughly this evening and there are so many points in there I want to explore further–perhaps in journals or perhaps in threads here?


      Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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