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Faith 2,0

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    neighborhood scales sharpening resilience

    we discredit and resist and protest
    nothing “above” us in our community now
    we’re all down below

    pray if you want
    this is Faith 2.0

    lock arms with your neighbor
    the shit is hitting the fan
    it’s our time now
    don’t waste it

    We are Neighbor 2.0

    permaculture without nature is just
    technology and tech alone
    will not save us

    We are Food Forest 2.0

    this is our last
    catechism class peeps
    we all have the same spirit
    in this spirit desert

    God Damn it
    We are Faith 2.0


    A potent poem, William!


      Spread the word in 5G …
      We are the last Biogens !!!
      The next generation
      Shall be
      From there exponential growth …
      Sprouting from the Crown of the Technoroth
      Like Lightening from the Skull
      Of The Grateful Dead …
      Reality shall be woven in fiber optics
      Wisdom shall be downloaded in terabytes
      From on high …
      Mars Saturn Venus Mercury
      shall be conquered, devoured …
      Like nuggets from a Dyson Sphere …
      Burb …

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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