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Essay by Tolkien illustrator John Howe “Everything that is not Us”

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    This is not my work Stephen as evidenced by the title but felt it goes right along with so much that is discussed both in Myth Blasts and forums. I’ve tried before to use the special link as you described but sometimes still have trouble putting it through (a few Luddite cells maybe?)

    And I’m never sure what to put for dimensions but maybe that’s for added photos? Not articles?

    But I love this essay John Howe has written especially with his perspective as an artist and illustrator and thought it was kind of timely with the new Rings of Power series already being advertised (even if it does not debut until this Fall)

    What Howe writes reminds me a lot of The Spell of the Sensuous too!

    Howe asks:  “Why liminal thresholds, spaces, frontiers?”

    It seems he poses the eternal mythic questions that draw us to the edge.

    And Howe’s take:

    “These have traditionally been the places where the exchanges – between cultures and peoples, myths and epics, have always been the richest. Exchange contains change, enhancement, enrichment; things do not simply pass liminal thresholds intact. They may diminish, they may gather complexity as they pass. Stories barter their way from culture to culture, negotiate, make changes as they go. On the edges ofthings are the best place to stand and gaze.”

    So this is just a few samples of the essay.

    And here is the link to  “Everything that is not Us.” -John Howe



    Beautiful essay. I’m especially fond of this point:

    We rarely appreciate the whole of the landscape, which is present principally in myth and poetry, the former by rendering incarnate ocean, sky, earth or seasons as a pantheon of divine beings, the latter through metaphor and symbol.”

    So true!


    I love that passage too Stephen!

    It has been awhile since I visited John Howe’s site. Forgot he wrote essays as well. Lovely to find it again! Glad you enjoyed!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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