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Emptying a Cup

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    Just realized needed to empty a cup and hit pause myself.

    When it comes to Joseph Campbell, it’s hard to not find oneself carried away by several tides of thoughts at once (well certainly for me!)

    But with all those overlayed questions and musings and yes tangents, then focusing on the heart of any matter or keeping simple clarity in an issue of discussion becomes challenging.

    And then the need to empty cup realization comes home, especially in a re-read *wry grin.*

    I have to write in these spaces even if I removed other words.

    I wonder too if the trickster is another archetype that performs the play of “emptying one’s cup?”

    This was to be about Awareness? being a main part of journeys regardless of solo, duo, trio or fellowship.

    But after writing another piece elsewhere realized I was ignoring my own advice.

    So this is hitting the pause button. And emptying the cup. And waiting for still waters, which may have more clarity.


    Is emptying a cup a way of being open to the Horizon?

    I do not know.


    Think I finally found the correct PAUSE button.

    Now to let those still waters settle and come to be!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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