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    Hi there!

    I find myself looking for the like buttons and upvotes! Are those in the future?



    Thanks, Priscilla!

    Social media has certainly conditioned us to expect “reactions” – I have even found myself looking for the Like button here. That would also give us an idea of people who are participating and reading the posts, even if they aren’t moved to write a response.

    Upvotes (and downvotes) are less likely, but we’ll see what we can do about a Like button.


      Stephen; this also brings up another topic concerning the use of emoticons. We had them on the older CoaHO; but their use has evolved to the point of large numbers of them with hardly any dialogue. Of course there are going to be times when subtle nuances of expression might be desirable to gain a finer line of description or effect. But figuring out what usage is appropriate in achieving the forum’s objective of discourse over large Facebook piles of emojis instead of engagement I think could pose a possible problem. We used them “shamelessly” at times instead of actually discussion back then; but perhaps a word of caution from the guidelines about their usage now in this different format might be helpful. (Just a thought since everything is in it’s early stages of development.)


        Being extremely happy not being on any social platform, I do not miss those ‘enhanced expressions’ from an unknown other personality anonymous galaxy. Step forward and dare to have your say instead of a polarising murmer from impaired ghost’s darkness.

        Better have a grace period where one can evaluate and edit one’s own post (spelling, fine tuning), say an hour or barred by the next – following post. Even deleting the post altogether gives one the freedom to say or remain silent. Stephen G may contact me by pm for a lively example I’m also contributing to. No stories, no myths there, but solid science. Counts some million posts, easy to navigate.


        Thanks, Mars – I wasn’t aware we had lost the Edit and Delete functions! (My admin panel doesn’t show me what you see, so I have to log-in on my wife’s profile through her PC for the user perspective.)

        The Edit button should be restored now. Delete is still inactive, but our tech guru is aware and working on it.


          I’ve noticed and used it! Great. Best digital wishes to the guru.

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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