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Creating New Permaculture eRituals

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    Teachers Guide:

    Creating New Permaculture eRituals

    Definitions –

    > Permaculture is a set of ethics and design principles centered on whole systems thinking, simulating, or directly utilizing the patterns and resilient features (the capacity of an ecosystem to recover from change) observed in Nature. Permaculturesystems are now integrated into a growing number of fields from regenerative agriculture, rewilding, and community resilience.

    > The Three Ethics of Permaculture are: 1. Care of the Earth, 2. Care of the People and 3. Returning surplus to the system.  [Mollison]

    > A ritual is a stereotyped sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place, and designed to influence (unusual) entities or forces on behalf of the actors’ goals and interests. Rituals are characterized by traditionalism, sacral symbolism and performance and are a feature of almost all known human societies, past or present. Rituals may be prescribed by the traditions of a community.

    > The eRitual extends the traditional definition of ritual (above) through online, community-mediated events and shares comprised of two or more people connected synchronously by the Internet. Participants can share deep values, and create new eRituals from long distance, facilitated by video/chat applications like Hangouts, Skype and Zoom.


    Key community and spiritual drivers to create new eRituals for Permaculture –

    Nature protection
    Environmental justice


    Community Hero

    Re-use, Recycle, Reduce

    Some questions when building new eRituals –

    Who is leading the event?
    How long is the eRitual?
    When and where does it take place?
    What are the words?
    What are the key symbols and supporting archetypes?
    What values comprise the foundation for the event?
    Is it integrated with other values, ethics, events, practices?
    What are the sounds and songs?
    What materials / space / tools / security are required?

    * * * * * * *

    6 New eRituals and Symbols for the Permaculture Community Toolkit – (Could you facilitate any of these?)

    Rocket Stove eWorkshop

    Length: 8 hours
    Symbol: Homemade Rocket Stove
    Permaculture Ethic: Care of people

    Seedball Recipe eShare

    Length: 2hours
    Symbol: Seedball

    Permaculture Ethic: Care of the Earth

    Online Séance

    Length: 90 minutes
    Symbol: screen capture of a participant

    Permaculture Ethic: Care of people

    3 Million eHugs (synchronous global event)

    Length: 120 seconds
    Symbol: selected participants hugging each other

    Ethic: Returning surplus

    Resilience Poetry eSlam

    Length: 2 hours
    Symbol: screen shots of book covers and/or participants reading

    Ethic: Care of people

    Online Vegetable Seeds eTutorial

    Length: 2 Hours

    Symbol: Cornucopia

    Ethic: Returning surplus

    : : : : : :

    “Teachers Guide” by William Paul

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