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Covid-19 + climate change = permaculture

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    Spring break is over. The Corona virus is mutating even as I type calls for environmental innovation and political rebellion. The climate has already changed. Both irreversible now, both causing global havoc day by day.

    We need a million food forests

    A zillion backyard gardens

    And a gazillian permaculturists

    Just to survive the planet’s likely collapse.

    Key to our survival are the Ethics from Permaculture: People care, Earth care and Return the Surplus

    Permaculture can feed us by working with Nature, not against her – by turning waste into soil. We need localization, not globalization, and the Principles in Permaculture are a ready catalyst.

    Are you ready for Permaculture?

    Or we could wear rubber suits as we feel the water rising to our knees, while singing happy songs dancing around the Maypole?


    Essay by William Paul

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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