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Climador – The Modern God of Climate Change

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    [1] Climate Change is a change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.

    [2] Zeus is the God of Weather (Greek Mythology)

    Tempestas is the Goddess of Storms (Roman Mythology)

    Climador is the Modern God of Climate Change (via

    –          He breathes C02 and exhales 02

    –          Uses super gills to breathe under water and on land

    –          He has expandable and retractable tubes for arms and legs


    [3] The MonoMyth – Joseph Campbell’s multi-part structure for writing myths. The monomyth, or the hero’s journey, is the common template of a broad category of tales and lore that involves a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed – to tell the tale.


    Zeus and Tempestas are lounging by the pool, wondering if Climador will show up and fill them in on Planet Earth’s climate situation.


    Zeus: “What’s a few fires down there anyway?”


    Tempestas: “The weather is changing on Earth.  Some storms are doing considerable damage in strange places !”


    In flies Climador, our Hero, and he quickly comes to the point: “I can’t do this work without your help; there is too much to do. The polar ice caps are melting, for Heaven’s sake! The fires are out of control in the Amazon and releasing CO2. The gods of weather and storms seem like a natural fit for climate rescue.”


    But the Gods are not likely to team-up to solve the human failings in their domain below. They are typically playing head games or whizzing around the world on extended vacations.


    Zeus: “This is your baby now. We don’t care if the humans survive themselves or not. We just want a life of leisure.”

    Off goes Climador to save the humans from themselves. He targets the Pacific Northwest and the  choking fires raging along the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington. Suddenly all of his power is dedicated to filling up his body cavity with water and dousing the flames below. As a God, he can support the fire crews 24 hours a day – and he can fly very fast. He is rapidly becoming known as the “modern God of Reversing Climate Change.”


    Dousing out of control wild fires is no easy task. The days became weeks. Climador tries to get Tempestas to bring much needed rain to the region but she refuses as she insists the weather patterns have changed and is making it hard to create storms of any value.

    Finally, after three long months, Climator and firefighters give the blackened coast back to the people in a bittersweet victory. He rests on Mt. Hood, enjoying clean fresh air and reflects on the values just undertaken: persistence, appropriate technology, and love for humankind. His meetings with the other Gods are well received but uninspiring. Collaborating with the humans is not in vogue.


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