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Can “Society” be an Archetype?

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    I understand archetype/s related to gods/heroes/psyche in a general and metaphorical sense. (Or at least hope I do-laugh)

    And I know there can be different societies (i.e. argicultural or hunting or a combination of both…or past societies and modern societies)

    But sense there seems to be as much emphasis on Society in myths and stories as well as hero/journeyers…going from/returning to…or even building/contributing.

    Was just wondering if Society/s could be considered Archetypes? (Collective Archetypes?)

    I can see how Land/Place could be too.
    But I’ll probably just see Black Elk’s hoops and sacred hills/centers everywhere and carried within.

    But could Society be said to have a collective character?

    Thought of the system as an archetype as well, but seems like another tangent.

    And then I’m curious about the word: Society as a generic umbrella metaphor for that which exists in the world and all are a part of it…or one’s particular society.

    and how many different definitions and types of society can exist under that umbrella.
    And the individuation process relates to Society in general? Or an ideal OF Society (with ideals intact of right action/kindness/concern for others/compassion/willing to help etc.?)

    But society also has had a broad array of definitions through time and not all societies might hold the same value systems.
    I think that would be challenging. And wonder how that would affect the individuation process? Journey and return. Seems like one would need a strong sense of discernment as well.

    But I’m holding an invisible cup with invisible words upon it “I do not know.”
    just in case I need to empty it.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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