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Blurring the Boundaries May into June with Dinosaurs

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    I just started watching Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV this evening. It is quite something! Especially to see how the technology and graphic art has developed even since the first Jurassic Park in 1993.
    I found an interesting review of “Prehistoric Planet.”
    Dinosaurs really call to the imagination (not unlike dragons) but Dinos were real.

    Yes one can sense that these graphic/digital/animatronic creatures are creations, but time has passed and more and more new discoveries are being made. The JP world can barely keep up…and goodness knows how much has changed since the first similar attempt of an imagined documentary: Walking With Dinosaurs.
    What intrigues me the most is how well the “imagined dinosaurs,” move and fit in very real backgrounds…both on land and in the water.
    And there are little moments of suspension of disbelief as you watch them.

    But this review says it better than my attempt.
    Yes what is it about dinosaurs and dragons that both capture, terrify and excite or imaginations?
    I only chose this as a blur, because of how it flows like a nature documentary about creatures still living on the planet. And what is fascinating is that various “stories” are “made up,” (based on the latest paleontological research in the fossil record) And this invites the viewer to visualize and to imagine as if this is happening in real time. (Or if one could time travel…)

    Yes, it’s been attempted before…(I mean Dinosaur “documentaries,”)
    but now…it just seems even more cool.
    So to me, it blurs the very real, studies and discoveries in the fossil record along with the imagination.
    Can tell that some of the “movements,” of the Prehistoric animals are also based on similar movements from living creatures today:  sharks, aligators, whales, dolphins, birds and squids.
    Though I swear that some real fish make cameos, which adds to the overall effect. Not to mention David Attenborough narrating it with the same enthusiasm he had years ago narrating other various stories of wildlife.

    I know the theme of blurring boundaries ends in May (well the solstice might have other ideas hehheh) but thought it was appropriate, since those other famous dinosaurs are also returning to the screen this June.

    Here is the link to the article/review.

    Apple TV Prehistoric Planet ReviewApple TV Prehistoric Planet Review



    Update prologue: 

    in more reflection may have gone over the top with this. There seem to be plenty of “live” dinosaur documentaries hanging around through the years and up to the present. A friend recommended this…
    When I continued to watch the episodes the animation is evident in places. So it does feel like watching a sci/fi fantasy genre movie/series. It’s fun.  As well as quirky. But the blending of the animals with real backgrounds was nicely intriguing.
    As far as blurring…it’s more the wonder of the far out ness of the prehistoric world…that makes one wonder how can anyone not wonder on this marvelous and fascinating planet we call home? If reality has been that strange and curious in the past, then what else is around the bend in discoveries as we look to the horizon?
    Maybe Einstein was right about imagination. Though limits help ground, structure, give parameters and focus…there is always the risk of the horizon leaking between extra boundaries. So balance? Grounding and Imagination.

    and here was the rest on surreality below:

    There is also a strange surreality as this continues…depending on each dinosaur’s tale…in some places to me it feels a little like a blend between Star Wars and dr Seuss…at least in following episodes…kind of quirky as well as surreal…
    Kind of an Avatar feel in moments of first episode…but later characters er dinosaurs and other denizens of the realm oh my!
    I know there are other similar shows available for streaming but a friend asked if I had seen this one. So thought would give it a try.



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