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Reply To: When Mythology meets Dance and Sounds,” with Dr. Monica Martinez”


    Dr. Martinez, since part of your theme suggests something to do with the dance; (perhaps the dance of life) or perhaps the muses, I want to add an addendum that may open up a bit more what I was attempting to get at which is something Joseph Campbell said at the bottom of page 264 of Diane Osbon’s: “Reflections on the Art of Living – A Joseph Campbell Companion” when discussing what drives a dancer even in retirement when he said:

    “The big shift that the dancer has to make in later years is that the dance is no longer to be thought of as something in the way of a performance or an exhibition, but rather. like a bird singing, just for itself, and only to the distance that the body feels it would be lovely to go. Out of that will come a life, because you are in the center of action of your psyche’s need and joy, and that will radiate into the rest of what you are doing. The whole world will join the dance. ”   “All we really want to do is dance”.

    Now this understanding raises these questions of: “What is it that is attempting to express itself, and why is this so? And what do we share with other human beings that establishes this common bond of (self-expression) throughout all the arts and indeed within all individuals? Is it a longing to connect with the human heart? Or is it a desire to reach something that cannot be put into words? Or is it a psychic reaction to a stimulus or all of the above?

    In other words when we dance or create are we re-creating the world or our life in such a way as to complete ourselves, (as in Jungian parlance or the artists inspiration?). Or answering the call of the human heart to know itself? Perhaps in some cases cupids’ bow has launched its’ arrow into the air; or perhaps in the larger sense the muses are having a bit of fun?

    There are several versions of this song, but I like this one because it expresses a certain emotional sentiment in such a way that crosses cultural boundaries and touches on the human dilemma of loneliness and the desire and longing of the human heart to find meaning and human companionship. Manha de Carnival