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Reply To: When Mythology meets Dance and Sounds,” with Dr. Monica Martinez”


    Hello James,

    What an interesting message you wrote, it gives a lot to think about. And thanks for the clip you posted. I was particularly touched by its title, The radiance behind all things. So appropriate to talk about symbolism and the psychic processes, uniting conscious and unconscious in such a creative way. It gives rise to something new from a psychological point of view. The image that came to my mind was that of making butter. An exercise that is so interesting to do with children, because the result is fast and surprising. It causes that “wow” of amazement that should permeate everything we do, but that in adult life is not quite easy to get. Well… When we put a little ammount of milk cream in a container and beat it for several minutes. At a certain point, the whey separates from the cream and we have a third product, which is neither whey nor cream, but which at the same time has echoes of both. And it’s original. As the French would say, voilà! We have butter, fresh and new, where there was none of it before. Thanks again for the message, which triggers so many insights!