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Reply To: When Mythology meets Dance and Sounds,” with Dr. Monica Martinez”


James, I just played the clip of Joe Campbell  you posted. ( And again sorry to be late in responding.)
Love this! “The function of Art is to Reveal the Radiance!” Yes Yes Yes.
It is so beautifully simple and profound that logic cannot help but jump in and make it’s own complicated distractions.

But Art brings the balance, sometimes a different or New view.
I wanted to go back to the “suffering” as represented in Easter and the passion of the Christ.
I mentioned “suffering” and dance and no not referring to blisters from point shoes…

You mentioned going beyond the pairs of opposites into the third part which gives birth to the fourth.
I was thinking of the Pueblo Musician and artist, Robert Mirabal because one of his songs is The Dance.
But the words also mirror Ecclesiastes …Robert sings: Where there is doubt, there is hope, Where there is fear, there is love, Where there is hate, there is peace, Where there is suffering there is the Dance. 

Now I find that to be very beautiful and poignant.
It is through the movement of the dance to give voice and maybe even a type of healing to the Pain and stillness.
Maybe this also is a way beyond the pair of opposites into the fourth birth?
But it is expressed in movement not words. I really wanted to post this video but seem to have trouble on my phone pulling up the blue button from bottom of screen. So maybe when another device is charged later.
I also wanted to respond to your earlier post of Campbell’s quote about a dancer later in life only going as far as they feel comfortable down to the line of “the whole world will want to join the dance.” It’s one of my favorite quotes of All time from Campbell! Though I only stumbled across it I think in the compilation Reflections on Living.
It’s true both at a literal level and a transcendent level.
Pushing one’s body beyond certain physical limits can shorten the dance and or athletic life of a person.
I knew at a certain age in performance, that limiting “tricks” was fine by me…
Maybe a few turns was okay…but began to choreograph dances without as much showy stuff. That was not the reason I enjoyed dancing. And besides there can be longevity in dance when one takes care…let others be the most flexible.
I had a tap mentor teaching in his seventies. I would still like to dance at seventy as well.
And it’s funny how it starts out logical as the left brain learns or makes steps…but at some point there is the trust of the creative function…trusting the body-mind to remember the steps…or even going beyond to simply move to the music and free form on the spot…risky but fun.
Wasn’t there someone else who said all the world really wants to do is dance?
Since it’s earth day, wish Stephen could post that beginning clip of Allison talking about how dance began On the Earth on the ground…not On the stage.
When I take my trained dance skills and apply them back on the ground or in response to live bands (respectfully) yes it makes people wonder. Some of my dance friends too…(grin)
But I have had some lovely adventures that way (including  dancing with  a busking Beatles band in the tree greened sunshine of Central Park and Strawberry fields. Or at gigs of a cool Beatles (and other artist) inspired rock band The Weeklings. This to me was just as wonderful as professional performances! Though I still love all the other dance experiences I’ve had in my life: training with various teachers, dancing solo and with friends in groups and duets, trios. Being an assistant teacher and teaching/coaching/choreographing. And other “professional performances.”(in different forms of dance and in theater)

But at some point it just becomes: The Dance. And that’s why I love that whole Campbell quote!

But now I have wandered far astray.

Hope  that I have responded to what you wanted me to see James.:-)