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Reply To: The Boundary-Blurring Nature of Myth,” with Bradley Olson, Ph.D.”



This may have been a bit of the mark as it addresses your response, and I’m so sorry to hear of your family’s experience with depression and suicide. Things are, as you say, getting better, but there is still so much stigma and self-loathing attached to these kinds of illness that we don’t encourage and help the suffer to learn how to see in the dark (as you have done, by the way) and let go of the idea that we need to be whole and unbroken. We become more whole when we are able to accept our brokenness; and we can then begin to build the ladders and supports that help us when we find ourselves in these places from time to time. Warm regards to you, James”

(Bradley, thank you so much for speaking directly to this aspect of the topic in such a profound and meaningful way for it addresses “exactly” what I was humbly attempting to get at. And you are most kind in the way you have done so.)