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Reply To: The Boundary-Blurring Nature of Myth,” with Bradley Olson, Ph.D.”


Thank you for your nice response Bradley!

Amused by the irony and awed by the paradox!

That feels like a very healthy perspective!

Well, if Nature is boundless then of course we are all extensions of that right into the cities.

The disconnect I think IS the insistence of the disconnect.

That’s why sometimes the cities give the illusion of being separate.

That is also why I love city parks…because they blur the boundaries all over again…like borders and gateways.

Central Park is kind of obvious, but I loved it during my times spent in Manhattan…Walking into it from the busy streets felt like walking through a blurred invisible veil.
A shift. But inhabitants of the city and the world walked there all the time. And/Both.
Finding there are lovely parks in Brooklyn as well…changed my view.
I could see the cities as something extending out of nature…they certainly take on a life force of their own, but the dissonance in the air is the need to define separation until I see the park wanderers. It brings something back.