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Reply To: The Boundary-Blurring Nature of Myth,” with Bradley Olson, Ph.D.”


Have a question for everyone:

Since the discussion is on blurred boundaries…

I know there is Also this pendulum swing between reality/truth 

and illusion/delusion.

But there is another word I do not hear as often: disillusionment.

To me this word seems more middle-ground…and almost blurry as it shares similar roots to the other words.
Except, whereas illusion or even more so delusion swing directly opposite into an extremity, disillusionment does not do that necessarily. And a disillusioned person does not have to be extreme either…they could be Everyman/Everywoman or Artist or Universal Soldier but that state of mind
(disillusionment) still makes a weighted silence at ALL the boundaries and borders.

So for me it conjures this strange in-between place (ironically as so many of the stories do) And this middle place feels for sure like those old boundaries are blurring or the cracks are showing where they might blur.

Maybe the reason I don’t hear it as much is because it was a word more associated with “being disillusioned with religion?” So only comes up in regards to that?

Disillusionment, I think would certainly affect perception. And it’s simultaneously A Perception, one that would seem cynical enough to avoid delusion.

However is Disillusionment in and of itself a certain thingOr does it also hold uncertainty within its perceptions?
(based on personal experience perhaps?) More blurry boundaries?

Is it primarily a reaction to certain, religions, creeds, spiritual roads or philosophies? (Or the other wild and wooly far end of the pendulum?)

Or can disillusionment ALSO be a response or reaction to a Much More Secular World?  (and its ideals?)

Just wondering if anyone else had any thoughts on this?