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Reply To: The Boundary-Blurring Nature of Myth,” with Bradley Olson, Ph.D.”


Yes! I remember that clip! Thank you James! It’s a good one! Makes me laugh. Love that Campbell “wryness.”
It goes back to what Bradley said about being “amused by the irony,” and “awed by the paradox.”

You mention Campbell’s point about all having to live within some kind of system…(and there come the challenges) Though maybe the trick is to be “in” the system (since its necessary) but not “of?” So one doesn’t get swallowed whole by it? (Which is kind of funny because that also conjures the image of some mythic creature like a dragon or something else. Irony!

I really enjoyed Bradley and Stephen’s interchange and the mention of the ecologist Rickett. That kind of naturalistic approach certainly seems one way to keep wonder as a part of discovery. Sometimes I think if wonder remains attendant in discovery…then the human spirit will remain refreshed and renewed. It seems like there is always a balance between the rote (and sometimes dry) and the wonder. As long as there is horizon that seems hopeful…but I’ve strayed too far as well and need to leave room for any other remaining comments, whilst taking in mind on the edge of Friday the weekend will bring a whole other Topic soon on the way…