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Reply To: Temptations of Clarity,” with Mark C.E. Peterson, Ph.D.”


Hi Rickkar1,

That starts to get at the whole question of how we know when something is a metaphor! ;^)

I’ll confess that this idea has been running away with me a bit — some days I feel like a dog with a bone.  I can’t put it down.

My working definition for metaphors (and for “myths”) has been that they are “relational narratives” = and that means “stories that put us into relation with something.”

So if that holds here, BigD democracy would be a story that puts us into relationship with something… in a sense our idea of “democracy” is itself a story that puts us into relationship with the rest of the people we live around — more academically I guess we could say something like “puts us into relationship with and provides the conceptual framework for the social context in which we find ourselves.”  Something like that?

Could you say something more about what you mean by BigD Democracy?