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Reply To: Temptations of Clarity,” with Mark C.E. Peterson, Ph.D.”


Speaking of clarity, that reminds me of mirrors. Didn’t you write a myth blast on Reflections once Mark?
A mirror is interesting because in all appearance it is clear (if it’s kept clean heh heh) and real.
The mirror is physically real.
(normal mirror not magicians’ mirror)

What the mirror reflects is ALSO real
(You or anyone else who looks in the mirror.) The room it reflects is real.

Except not everything the Mirror shows is exactly True. It shows you but now your right arm is your left arm, your right eye is your left eye…and so forth. The objects in the room behind you are reversed as well even if they are real.
So even though a mirror can seem clear even in its clearness the boundaries are blurred. Same for reflection in anything…water still or rippling.
In another reflection though I could be wrong and should immediately empty water from the cup…

it sometimes seems that humans approach opposites by how far apart they are and look in fascination or apprehension at the farthest ends possible (which leaves the feeling of a vacuum in between)

But isn’t there always some medium in between even if it’s just air? or colors in the middle of the prism? Does everyone and thing perpetually live at the farthest ends? And nothing and no one ever falls or lives in the middle?

In-between is interesting as well because that reminds me of traditions of early and other cultures from equinoxes and solstices and eclipses

Dawn and Dusk…

Yet I know there is a contradiction here because of boundaries which can blur at the edges.
The only reason for the middle to blur suggests a crack but I’m back to feeling like I’m in the mirror looking out rather than being outside of the mirror looking-in. So I better climb out before any mythic metaphors come to mesmerize!