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Reply To: The Sacredness of Rituals,” by Kristina Dryža”


Ritual: something simple…making a fire in a wood stove is nice. Well it’s not always simple but it connects me (first to my Dad who taught me how) and family memories sitting near warm wood fires…then it extends to the symbol and traditions of people all over the planet throughout time.
This came to mind because didn’t you right an easy about The Threshold last fall Kristina? As well as making traditions?

I have a question though it may be a bit broad and off topic. Near the end you mention what happens when “we are out of alignment with the cosmic powers of the universe.”
And this reminds me of all the connections and references of certain orders associated with myths.
For example myths that are born out of social orders. But I’ve begun to wonder if there are two different mythic forms? Those which are primarily tied into certain social orders? And those which are responding or referencing a Universal order? (Where there may or may not be guides in “the forest.” But there is still a guiding energy which calls, wakes and humbles the adventurer or small collectives of adventurers on the journey?)