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Reply To: Reimagining Boundaries and the Gods Who Inhabit Them,” with Craig Deininger”


Welcome back Craig!
And you have returned with another excellent and thought provoking essay!
I love the way you expand the definition of boundaries or boundary beyond a one dimensional line!
This reminds me of a character in a Sci-fi/fantasy book I read. It was a Charles Delint book (circa 1990s—urban fantasy.) The character was “Jilly Coppercorn.” Loved this character.
She is an artist/painter…and sometimes she paints what she sees in dreams or imaginal realms.
But there is this one time when a rational friend of hers gives Jilly a hard time about what is real and what is imaginary.
It’s been many years so I don’t remember the exact quotes. But the jist has to do with “that line in between.”
But I love “Jilly’s” response to her friend. Jilly says, “The funny thing about that line between what is real and imaginary is that it’s an imaginary line.”

I loved that!
Talk about blurring boundaries!
And then when you talk about opening up the dimensions of the line, it reminds me of the way in the past, certain boundaries were perceived as veils (between one thing and another.)

So there is definitely more volume in that! And in addition in the Gaelic cultures, as well as others perhaps, there was this belief in the “thinning of the veil or veils,” at certain times of year.

So then, not only did those boundaries have more dimension and volume than a two dimensional line, but their dimension and volume were also capable of shifting and changing (from thick to thin!)

And the funny thing about the metaphor of a curtain or veil is that even though it could be still, it does not have to be.
The imaginal can take that from a wind blowing the veil and boundary to the experience of something akin to watching the ever shifting colors of the auroral borealis veiling the stars in vibrant lights.

I have other thoughts/ponders? on the rational pushback against the imaginal.


But one thing at a time!

Certainly enjoyed reading this essay!

Thank you again!