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Reply To: Reimagining Boundaries and the Gods Who Inhabit Them,” with Craig Deininger”


I want to make this short as it’s so much more fun to delve into that “magic,” and “the imaginal,” which stands on its own as well as being the substance of imagination (as you suggest…and inspiration…the realm of the muses.)

My perception of the “pushback” against the “imaginal,” by the “rational minded,” is that perhaps there is one fear of a return to more religious ways. Or even back to medievalism. If the imaginal is perceived as “not real,” from ration’s point of view…Then any attention given to it could revert back to non-real elements and either create a religion or draw people back to a religious mindset.
Or worse yet draw people to cults…of any type.
(Though my take would be both of the above would “cage” the “imaginal” rather than support it)

And 3rd there seems to be more issue with “magical thinking,” today?

self help books waiting like “gurus” at every corner of Walmart, Books a million, or “inside,” kindle apps.
And it’s hard to disentangle the “imaginal” from that!

So maybe, some rational minds regard the “imaginal,” as a gateway to de-evolution?And delusion? And perceive ration as the only hope for the world?

It seems kind of sad to think of imagination that way, as though its end potential will always be Pandora’s box…

rather than being a well or veil of inspiration or transcendence or mystery. Oops the word is “imaginal.”
And I’m quite aware it has much more thickness and depth than what I said above!


Though it seems, that not so long ago, the rational thinkers also used to be philosophers and there was more balance.
And Einstein once  said “imagination encompasses the whole world.”