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Reply To: Reflections Upon a Hawaiian Graveyard,” with John Bonaduce, Ph.D.”


    Sometimes without realizing it we become agents of profound change in the life of others. I’ve had several very dear friends who have shared things with me over the years, and without realizing it life’s mystery has tapped me on the shoulder and helped me to understand how lucky I was to have known them. And it wasn’t until they passed that I became aware of what they left behind.

    Friendship to me is the rarest of gifts because it gives life a depth meaning that nothing else can. And the struggles we go through provide a perspective of clarity if you are able to step back and see it you can’t get any other way. I won’t go on about this except to say: “Yes, most definitely”, our thoughtful exchanges helped me a great deal to work through some profoundly emotional baggage.

    What was it Jung said about the journey? It’s not a destination but what happens along the way. (Something like that.) And I think so much of the time we get so intensely wrapped up in figuring things out that we often miss the good stuff happening right in front of us. Thank you for this moment for it means more than you know.