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Reply To: Living Myths for Transformation,” with futurist Kristina Dryža”


Ah, Stephen, you speak directly to my heart! And hello dear COHO friends! How are we travelling?

For someone who spends a lot (too much!) time in the realm of ‘would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, if only’ thinking, your words are like a tonic to me! One of the only ways I can get myself out of this insidious loop is by saying ‘yes’ to the situation. ‘Yes,’ without wanting to change it or make it right or wrong. When I say ‘yes’ to life exactly as it comes through for me to experience, new movements can arise in my psyche.

And to your marvellous suggestion about externalising our issues, I literally just filmed something on this very topic:

I also recently had something ‘taken’ away from me, but until I could perceive that I needed to ‘surrender’ it à la Inanna, I was in great emotional distress. And I was reminded of Hans Leisegang’s words in ‘Die Gnosis’ that “every myth expresses, in a form narrated for a particular case, an eternal idea, which will be intuitively recognised by he who reexperiences the content of the myth.”

This week I watched ‘Mission: JOY,’ a documentary about the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu’s friendship: My summarising of the Dalai Lama’s words were that suffering is an opportunity testing me. And no matter how difficult, I have the inner strength to meet it. And if I can reframe the situation to liberate myself from resentment and bitterness, it becomes a new opportunity to learn, to gain more experience, and to become more useful to society. It was a reminder that I’m being put into a fiery furnace to be refined and that the suffering helps me to become more magnanimous and is a necessary ingredient for developing compassion. And the suffering is the very thing that actually helps me to appreciate joy! And the key to joy is getting in touch with my own natural compassion and living from there. There was also a part in the documentary that touched on the difference between offering comfort vs. courage – but that’s for another conversation!

Looking forward to spending the week with you all – Kristina.